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Link to Larger Image of Bus Station Project
"Grandma's Living Room"

Located at the main regional bus transit hub at City Park in downtown Morro Bay. The city/regional transit point was scheduled to be replaced with a sterile metal bus stop when the Morro Bay Public Art Foundation took it over and converted it to "Grandma's Living Room" The project has received raves from both the public and art critics as it continues its use as a real transit point. Artists Michael Ackerman, Dana Kimberly Hixon, Jeanne Miller, Jeff Odell, Nancy Barta, Marilyn Brandmeyer, and Neil Farrell all participated in this project. Special thanks to all who contributed to this project.

Link to larger version 76k of Robbie Robinson mural
"True Public Art"

What better example of public art is there than when the public produces the art?. This blackboard project relies on the public for its content. It has seen everything from marriage proposals to gibberish. It's located right on a major Morro Bay street. Can you find it?? This piece was a project of Morro Bay Public Art members Nancy Barta and Marilyn Brandmeyer.

Link to Larger Image of Mural
" Breaching Humpback Whale"

Located at "The Boatyard" on the South wall of Otter Rock Cafe 885 Embarcadero in Morro Bay. The mural is inspired by the photo by Gregg Blasingame. Artists Paul & Susanne Leasure of Los Osos are creating this wonderful mural. Their website is located at www.leasurefineart.com

Link to larger version 76k of Robbie Robinson mural
"Robbie Robinson"

In July 2002 Artist Mary Carol Larson, her friends and art students painted this colorful mural on the wall of Coldwell Banker-Liberty Real Estate on Morro Bay Boulevard. The mural depicts Robbie Robinson, the founder of Morro Bay's artist colony in the 1920s. Big image of "Robbie Robinson" click here

Link to larger version  84k of Las Tunas Mini Park photo page
"Las Tunas Mini Park"

An evolving project that was conceived by Neil Farrell and designed and built cooperatively by the Morro Bay Public Art Foundation board members. Funding help from Coast National Bank, the City of Morro Bay, and Tropicana Nursery. Its lush landscape and "fishing village" theme is constructed from recycled building materials, city dock wood, old pier pillings and a discarded skiff. Local residents and City Harbor Department have donated bird houses and nautical artifacts that combined with native and drought tolerant plants and wildflowers create a traffic island garden that is loved by all. Bigger image of Mini Park click here

Link to larger version 88k of Rescue mural

Located at 980 Main Street on the wall of Tacos de Mexico Restaurant, "Rescue" celebrates an actual rescue that took place in the waters just outside of Morro Bay. The artist, Brent Cookingham, was in the Coast Guard at the time he painted the mural. The mural emphasizes the power of the ocean from the perspective of the rescuers. The image to the right is actually two images. The top image shows the entire mural. The bottom portion is an enlargement which shows the detail which is shown in the small square marked in the top protion of the image. Big image of "Rescue"click here

Link to larger version  81k of Blue Heron mini mural
"Blue Heron"

This "mini mural" was painted by artist Debra Coleman-Hansen in 2001 on a backer board which was attached to the wall of the Kane Insurance Agency in the 800 block of Morro Bay Boulevard. Big image of "Blue Heron" click here

Link to larger version of Shore Birds
"Shore Birds"

The Morro Bay Estuary is an important shorebird wintering site with up to 24 shorebird species and all total over 200 species of birds. Displayed here is a pelican, heron, and Avocet. This sculpture site is brought to you by Morro Bay Public Art Foundation, E‘Africa Gallery, and M&M Refrigeration. The project is located at the corner of Harbor Ave and Front Street near the Embarcadero

Link to larger version  74k of Moon, sky, Boats, Water
"Moon, Sky, Boats, Water"

Located at 960 Main Street in Morro Bay. Size 17 X 24 feet is based on one of artist Jeff Odell's watercolors and is a south-facing view of the Morro Bay Estuary with a full moon rising over it. The mural was taken from nine-by-twelve inch original watercolor. Big image of "Moon, Sky, Boats, Water"click here

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