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Michael Ackerman, extraordinary artist
Michael Ackerman

"An artistic journey to wholeness" Extraordinary Artist, raconteur, screenwriter, actor, architect, engineer & contractor. Michael sculpted the fantastic centerpiece sofa of Grandma's Living Room at the Morro Bay Bus Station. You can learn more about Michael at his website: http://ackermanarts.com

  Dana Kimberly Hixon
Dana Kimberly Hixon

Makes art for the pure joy of it. Her subject matter varies according to what fascinates her at the moment. It could be as simple as the intensity of a particular color and how it makes her feel, or the challenge of creating something that sparks a sense of mystery or interest for someone else. Each painting is her exploration of light, color and shape. Finding a harmony within the three that takes on its own life is her reward...
You can learn more about Dana at her website http://www.danakimberlyhixson.com:

  Jeanne Miller
Jeanne Miller

Lives and works on California's gorgeous Central Coast, near San Luis Obispo. She paints the American West in oil, pastel and silk. She's inspired by real places, using vibrant, intense color to convey the essence and spirit of a place. Her work celebrates the drama of weather, the patterns of morning and evening light, and the qualities of the air itself... Jeanne's website: http://www.pinedancestudio.com

  Mary Carole Larson MBPAF Mural artist while painting mural
Paul & Susanne Leasure

Early recognition in the state of Ohio encouraged Paul Leasure to forsake a career in electronics engineering and pursue his passion for painting. At age 25, his unique artistic accomplishments were the subject of an article in the Plain Dealer, a principal Cleveland newspaper. By 1995, Leasure had designed and created an exhibit entitled Earth Walk that highlighted a renewed interest to the splendors of our planet. This unique exhibit presented his renderings of wildlife art in an environment that included plants, music, and even live animals.
While in Ohio, Leasure instructed art classes at Lakeland College. There his students studied techniques for rendering illusionary realism in the art of trompe l’oeil. His paintings are sometimes massive in size. Leasure’s first Santa Barbara commission came in 1997 when he flew to Santa Barbara for a commissioned trompe l'oeil. By 2000, a healthy portion of Leasure’s work was in the Santa Barbara area. The travel began to take it’s toll. “It was so beautiful out here, and my clients were so supportive,” Leasure says, “that I made the decision to move.” In January of 2003 Leasure was named “Montecito’s Renaissance Man.” Since then, images of Leasure’s work have been accompanied by editorial in publications including The Santa Barbara News Press. Paul was invited by The Santa Barbara Visual Arts Association to curate the 2004 “Liquid Visions” exhibit at The Fielding Graduate Institute. In April of 2004, Leasure was nominated to be a Vice President at the Santa Barbara Art Association..

  Mary Carole Larson MBPAF Mural artist while painting mural
Mary Carole Larson

Mary Carole began painting in 1969 and has taught oil painting classes and seminars since 1975. Traveling nationally she has taught in 15 states and has 13 videotapes on oil painting instruction distributed by Jenkins Vision. Her early training was at Santa Ana College and Laguna School of Art. Studying later for 5 years with the American master artist, Everett Raymond Kinstler. Click for Mary's website.

  Mural artist Debra Coleman-Hansen
Debra Coleman-Hansen

Mural artist Debra Coleman-Hansen painted her mural on the wall of Kane Insurance Offices on 800 block of Morro Bay Boulevard. The project "Blue Heron" was completed in 2001.

  Brent Cookingham MBPAF muralist for Rescue mural
Brent Cookingham

Painter & Mural Artist Brent Cookingham painted the mural at 980 Main Street while on duty as a Coast Guardsman.

Jeff Odell

Jeff has been drawing and Painting since early childhood. He began his formal art education at Cuesta Community College which led to upper division studies at the Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City , Missouri where he earned a B.F.A. in painting in 1979. After graduation he returned to the West Coast. His major area of artistic endeavor is painting with oils, the medium that comprises much of his body of work. The vast majority of his paintings are executed from the direct observation of nature. In addition to painting in oil and water media, Odell produces sculpture in bronze and other materials, intaglio and relief prints, pastes and works in other drawing media. He resides and in Morro Bay, California.

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