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This 12-foot wooden ship's mast was donated to the Art Foundation by Thomas "Sarge" Pauley after he removed it from his 1955 Crisscraft cabin cruiser, the Billie Jean. The mast was installed in the late 1970s when the boat was converted to a commercial salmon fishing boat. It has been up and down the West Coast chasing salmon and served as the radar tower and outrigger sling for the boat.

It needed a lot of work when Art Foundation Vice-president Neil Farrell got it. He stripped the mast down to bare wood and ground off the surface rust on the metal parts. The mast was sanded, primered and painted a light blue. The metal parts were painted silver. A 2-step base made of 2 X 12 boards was attached to the bottom. This mast is solid and also has steel cables that go with it, if someone wanted to anchor it for added support. It would look fantastic mounted on a 3-4-foot base of red brick.

The ship's wheel mounted at the top of the pole was donated by the Morro Bay Harbor Patrol and adds a nice nautical flair to the pole. It too was stripped and refinished.

The Art Foundation is selling this flagpole as a fund raiser and would like to get $500-$750 for it. Any amount paid would be completely tax deductible.
Call Neil Farrell at 772-5677 (work) or 772-3290 (home) if you are interested. We will deliver too!

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